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Summer Camp

Dive into a world of sun-soaked adventures with Learning Tree's Summer Camp! 

At Learning Tree, we are not just about the school year; we are known for transforming summer days into a vibrant tapestry of growth, excitement, and endless fun! Our engaging Summer Camp is the perfect blend of education and entertainment, ensuring your child's development continues to flourish even when the school year ends.


What Sets Us Apart: Every day at our Summer Camp is a thrilling journey filled with laughter, learning, and active participation. From exciting weekly field trips (weather permitting) to engaging activities, your child will experience a summer like never before. We believe in keeping the spirit of curiosity alive, ensuring each day is a fun-filled adventure.


Stay Active, Stay Engaged: Watch your child blossom as they participate in interactive and educational activities designed to keep them active and engaged. Our Summer Camp is a dynamic blend of exploration and creativity, providing an environment where growth and fun go hand in hand.


  • Nutritious Fuel for Adventure: We provide healthy and delicious meals and snacks to keep those little engines running. Because every adventure requires fuel, and we want to make sure it is not just tasty but also nourishing.

  • Flexibility for Your Schedule: We understand the importance of flexibility during the summer months. That is why Learning Tree offers world-class educational childcare that aligns seamlessly with your schedule. Our Summer Camp is not just a camp; it is an opportunity for your child to embark on a Summer filled with wonder, learning, and joy.


So, why put growth and development on hold when the sun shines? Join Learning Tree's Summer Camp and let the excitement of summer become an educational journey your child will cherish forever!

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